For many people, climate change is about shrinking glaciers, rising sea levels, longer and more intense heatwaves, and other extreme and unpredictable weather patterns. But for women pastoralists livestock farmers in the semi-arid lands of Kenya climate change has forced drastic changes to everyday life, including long and sometimes treacherous journeys to get water, writes *Sharon Birch-Jeffrey.

Faced with an increasingly dry climate,  women  pastoralists  now must  spend  much  more  time searching for water. That takes time away from productive economic activities, reinforcing the cycle of poverty.

“Women are the ones who fetch water and firewood. Women are the ones who prepare food. Women are the ones who take care of not just their own children but also the young ones of their animals as well,” Agnes Leina, a Kenyan human rights activist and pastoralist, told Africa Renewal.

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