Analyses the fallout from the resignation of Theresa May as British Prime Minister and the implications of the recent elections for the European Parliament. *Paul Goodison

What next after Theresa May?

On 24th May 2019 after a failure to secure Parliamentary support for a further reading of the EU Withdrawal Bill, Prime Minister May announced the timetable for her resignation as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. After stepping aside as Conservative Party leader on 7th June to allow leadership context to take place, she will remain as Prime Minister until a successor is appointed.

Brexit supporting UK Cabinet Ministers claimed that in her search for a compromise around the EU Withdrawal Bill, Prime Minister May has ‘exceeded what was agreed in cabinet’. It appears that in her effort to find a way forward with a revised Withdrawal Bill the Prime Minister simply succeeded in alienating all factions in the Conservative Party. It now appears as if the process of approving the EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement has ground to a halt.

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