Presented by : Richard Ellimah (Executive Director, Centre for Social Impact Studies)

Outline of Presentation

—Historical Use of Military

—Triggers of Military Operations

—Military Operations

—Consequences of Military Use

—Operation Vanguard

—Key Issues

—Lessons, Going Forward

Historical Use of Military

—Mining companies have relied on the security agencies for security for a long time

——State felt obligated to provide these security covering

—This became prevalent in the late 1980s as more and more multinational mining companies entered Ghana’s mining space

—“Threat” was mainly from community agitations

—Campaign was aided by the political environment at the time (military junta)

—Military camps were established in most mining communities e.g. Prestea, Tarkwa and Obuasi

——We operated a “Military On-Call” system

—Used this system to quell community protests in areas like Sanso in Obuasi and Prestea

——The state security apparatus worked with the mining companies’ private security establishment

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