• Prosperity for all
  • Trade as an engine for inclusive growth & sustainable development

The UNCTAD Regime and Africa

  • Beneficial integration of DCs, including African countries, especially LDCs, LLDCs and SIDS, into the international trading and financing system and the global economy:


UNCTAD 14 The UNCTAD Regime and Africa

  • Trade in goods, services & commodities,
  • Globalisation and finance,
  • Investment & Enterprise,
  • Technology, Transport and Logistics,
  • Competition and Consumer issues
  • Sustainable development (environment, resilience, climate change)

UNCTAD 14 The UNCTAD Regime and Africa

  • Partnerships for development

Member States

Civil Society & NGOs – TWN,

Other UN agencies like ECA

Regional IGOs like RECs, AUC

  • UNCTAD Office in Africa opened in July 2015

TOWARDS UNCTAD 14 From Decision to Actions

UNCTAD 14 Host

  • Kenya announced on 17 Nov 2015 it will host UNCTAD 14, from 17-22 July in Nairobi in the Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC)
  • Now have about 5 months to prepare
  • Set up a National Coordinating Committee
  • Over the last 12 months Kenya has hosted series of high profile visits, including WTO MC10. So gained much experience.

UNCTAD 14 2015

  • Report of UNCTAD SG to UNCTAD 14: From Decisions to Actions
  • 14-25 September, 62nd Session of the TDB

Approval of the themes and sub-themes and establishment of the PrepCom

  • 2 October: 1st meeting of the PrepCom
  • 1 December: 2nd meeting of the PrepCom

Presentation of group position papers

  • December/January 2016: preparation of the Chair’s “Zero Draft”

UNCTAD 14 2016

  • 12 February: 3rd meeting of the PrepCom

Presentation of the “Zero Draft”and establishment of the “Friends of the Chair”

  • 14 March: 4th meeting of the PrepCom

Discussions on the “Zero Draft” and hopefully, 1st reading (14, 15 and 18 March)

  • Mid-March to End May: Negotiations on the draft outcome of UNCTAD 14 (see calendar)
  • 27 May: Final meeting of the PrepCom and Special Session of the TDB
  • June 2016: informal PrepCom meetings
  • 17-22 July : UNCTAD 14 in Nairobi

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