The African continent is mostly reported as a land of poverty, civil strife and endless lines of begging hands. Problems facing the continent are portrayed and communicated mostly by foreign eyes through the monopoly-controlled news media.
By publishing African Agenda, Third World Network Africa aims to provide a different, more complex and nuanced perspective. Open your eyes and ears to an African perspective on critical issues such as trade, the environment, gender and sustainable development.

African Agenda 22.5

The adoption of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) signaled an African consensus against the mineral governance model imposed by the World Bank as part of its Structural Adjustment Programme policies. 10 years on the implementation record across Africa is...

African Agenda 22.4

Is West Africa ready to contain terror from the fringes of the Sahel, as it threatens to gradually, descend on the whole region, asks *Cornelius Adedze