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Our campaign and advocacy around policy issues, in collaboration with partners throughout Africa and the rest of the world, especially the global South, is carried out through a number of communication instruments. Apart from traditional communication instruments like books, briefing papers, magazines, audio-visual material (video documentaries etc )often timed as strategic interventions in critical policy debates, we also have a website (www.twnafrica.org) In our endeavor to reach out to as many as possible across Africa’s language divides, we have a full time French-English translation department and outside support for Portuguese and Arabic translation. A typical example of this is our bi-monthly publication African Agenda: which is in English with lead articles translated into French. Published since 1994, African Agenda reflects TWN-Africa’s concerns and campaigns around issues of economic policy, sustainable development, trade and investment, gender, environment, politics, culture and civil society. It provides cutting-edge analyses on economic and social issues.

African Agenda 22.5

The adoption of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) signaled an African consensus against the mineral governance model imposed by the World Bank as part of its Structural Adjustment Programme policies. 10 years on the implementation record across Africa is...