Title: Complications in the Agro Food Sector in Africa: A challenge for the AfCFTA Processes and Implementation

Introduction                                                                                                                            Complications in Africa’s agro-food sector especially poultry imports could pose a challenge to the AfCFTA processes and its implementation.

a. The EU Poultry Meat Trade with West Africa and the Problems of Smuggling

In the agro-food sector across Africa EU exporters have developed strategies for avoiding high tariff points of landing by serving markets through neighbouring countries. The most dramatic example in this regard is the EU trade in poultry meat to Nigeria, which is exported via Benin. It is estimated that over 90 percent of EU poultry meat exports to Benin are destined for the Nigerian market. This situation has arisen in response to the strict Nigerian controls on imports of poultry meat via official ports of entry. This practice has seen Benin emerge as a leading destination for EU poultry exports. The sole purpose of this trade is to circumvent Nigerian poultry sector import controls. This trade takes place despite the health hazards it poses for Nigerian consumers.

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