Title: Brexit, Diminished Commercial Value of EPAs: A Case for a second Look at the Signed EPAs Introduction                                                                                                                                                  The exit of the UK, the second largest economy, from the EU, will have implications for already signed trade relations between the EU and Africa. This brief looks at the devaluation of the so-called commercial value of the EPAs that some African governments signed and agro-food sector in Africa and makes a case for re-opening of the signed texts.

1. The Exit of the UK from the Coverage of EU Trade Agreements                                                 The UK’s departure from the EU will involve the UK leaving EU trade agreements with the preferential basis for current African agro-food exports to the UK established under these EU trade agreements no longer applying. To put this in context the UK has a larger GDP than the combined GDP of the EU’`s 19 smaller economies combined.

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