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1)ASMs would be assisted to improve upon their operations.

2)ASM is reserved for Ghanaian citizens.

3)Government will continue to ensure the use of appropriate, safe and affordable technologies in small-scale mining.

4)Government will ensure that mining is integrated with other sectors of the economy.

5)Mining inputs and services shall be of local origin to the maximum extent possible.

6)The rights and interests of landowners and local communities regarding benefits accruing from the use of land shall be guaranteed during the entire mining process.

7)Sustainable livelihood programmes to improve the economic condition of communities shall form an integral part of the planning for any mining activity.

8)ASM, has a view to improving geo-scientific information, processing and reducing environmental degradation.

9)Support for approved research may be made available through the Mineral Development Fund and others.

  • Specifically on SALT:
  • It is Government’s policy to secure the continued development of an efficient and thriving salt industry that will extract all possible by and co-products from the production process and generate supplies for domestic as well as raw material needs of appropriate local and regional industries.
  • It is also expected that the salt industry will facilitate and accelerate the development of our oil fields as well as the downstream local petro-chemical industry. The salt industry will also support the proposed integrated bauxite-alumina industry (Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation) , and the agriculture, food and beverage, water and textiles sub-sectors.

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