1. Context and Contestations

  1. Power and Configurations in Africa
  2. Challenges and Opportunities
  3. The Role of Africa Trade Network and Civil Society

Context and Contestation

  1. Role of the Continental Free Trade Areas in an arena of contestations and power struggles.
  2. That’s Discussion and Presentation
  • The Outcomes and Impact of the WTO MC10
  • The EPAs and its impact on Regional Integration
  • The Mega Regionals and how it may impact on Africa economic development
  • Our Experience of Regional Integration at SADC, Ecowas, Cemac and other levels.
  1. The Role of the European Union, USA and China
  • EU negotiations of DCFTA with Marocco, Tunisia and Egypt (Marc).
  1. The Role of Brics and the New Development Bank (NDB).
  2. Multipolar world
  3. The Role of SA in SADC, Nigeria in Ecowas and Kenya in East Africa and how it plays itself out within AU and Africa
  4. Power imbalances – Major economies versus small fragile states and Lesotho in SA, Togo in West Africa.
  5. Lack of power of RECs and how it would impact on CFTA.
  6. Through CFTA, AMV, CAADP and Vision 2063 Africa want to carve out its in own developmen

Abuja Treaty, Lagos Plan of Action Business as Usual, Africa is Rising for whom.

  1. The state of civil society
  2. Africa role as an exporter of raw material and a provider of mineral resources.
  3. AU Summits and Regional Summits
  4. Unctad 14, High Level Summit on Dev Effect


  1. Engage with UNECA and other platforms – Constructive Engagement. Watchdog role.
  2. Advocacy role rather than mobiliser of broad movement of people.
  3. Strategic Linkages with Alternative Mining Indabas, Tax Justice Network Africa and its members, Climate Justice Movement, Gender and Youth formations, Regional organisations.
  4. Greatest impact least amount of resources.

Presentation by Malcolm Damon Executive Director Economic Justice Network                          Email:

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