Outline of presentation

  • Introduction
  • What are the Immerging issues
  • The forums (Shopping Centres) for these issues
  • Implication for Africa and the EU on these issues
  • Should they Form part of the ACP-EU Framework


  • The issues that have emerged with regards to trade and investment have been opposed by the ACP over the years in different forums (EPAs, WTO, etc) due to the fact that they have the potential to undermine Africa’s development
  • Yet these same issues have surfaced again especially in the draft EU mandate
  • So there is battle ahead of the post-Cotonou Discussions

What are the emerging Issues

  • Investment Facilitation
  • The issues of services, Government procurement, intellectual property,
  • Micro-small and Medium Enterprises
  • competition policies including transparency as regards public subsidies, customs and trade facilitation, regulatory harmonisation
  • electronic commerce
  • Financial inclusion and access to finance, through the use of a broad spectrum of financial services and innovative financial instruments and mechanisms, by supporting the development of open financial systems for increased private sector credit.

The Main Forums of these issues

  • At the Multilateral level-WTO
  • EPAs-rendezvous clause
  • The Post-Cotonou Framework

Inside the EU Mandate-Investment and Private Sector Development

  • ‘the parties will foster the development of an attractive and stable environment for investment by supporting stable, transparent and open rules for investors, investment flows, the transfer of capital, technologies and exchange of information’
  • The parties will support the rule of micro, small-medium-sized MSMEs, as crucial enablers of inclusive economic growth as well as sustainable development.
  • ‘… to enhance financial inclusion and access to access finance, through the use of broad spectrum of financial services and innovative financial instruments and mechanism’

Reconfiguration of membership on these issues at the WTO Level

  • The main proponents over the years had been developed countries. However, at the last Ministerial some reconfiguration took place where new entrants, including some African countries, contrary to the Africa Group’s explicit stance against these issues.
  • Nigeria is a member to the working group on e-commerce and Investment facilitation.
  • Liberia, Benin and Togo are in the Investment Facilitation Group and finally
  • Kenya is in the informal working group on MSMEs.


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