AFRICA TRADE NETWORK ACP Civil Society Seminar on Post-Cotonou, Accra, 20-22 March, 2018

introductory: ACP’s “(non-) mandate”

not a draft directive for negotiations (compared to EC)

  • remains to be adopted, hopefully at Lome Council of Ministers in May 2018
  • but state of preparation not clear

possible raw materials

  • “The ACP we want” (May 2017 version) (adopted November, 2016)
  • Brussels Based African Ambassadors Contribution, 2/3/2018

acp sec’t work programme

[per Sheila Sealy Monteith, Jamaican Amb. to EU and Chair of ACP Committee of Ambassadors, Inaugural Statement 15/2/2018]

priorities of ACP Ambassadors

  • elaborate of core-guiding principles for post-Cotonou negotiations
  • Central Negotiating Group and Technical Negotiating Teams work on entrusted tasks
  • articulation and presention of solid draft negotiating mandate for adoption by Ministerial Council of ACP in Lome Togo
  • revision of Georgetown Agreement

work plan

  • complete composition of groups
  • substantive work on CNG and TNT commence in March (on the basis of drafts from the secretariat)
  • Meetings of Committee of Ambassadors in February, Marh and April.
  • Early May Meeting to conclude planning for Lome, etc;

allowances will be made for inputs from regional organisations and other stake-holders to bre included as the process unfolds

ACP We Want

  • Vision, Goals and Rationale

ACP Group as leading transcontinental organization working in solidarity for improved lives

Case for Political Commitment and Engagement by ACP

Structural, Institutional and Governance Reforms

Secure Financial Stability for the ACP (as a structure)

  • Strategic Pillars

Trade, Investment, Industrialisation and Services

Development Cooperation, Technology, Science and Research and Innovation

Political Dialogue and Advocacy

  • Future Relations With EU

ACP We Want III – Future with EU

  • Future Relations with EU
  • Enhancing special historical relationship with Europe
  • Changing context – ACP has expanded, emergence of China, engagement with rest of rhe world
  • Post-Cotonou

Post Cotonou

  • Ambition for a legally-binding agreement
  • Clear unified and well-articulated message by members states and supporters
  • Increase bargaining power and attractiveness to EU through coordination, dialogue and leverage its numbers

ACP We Want III – Post -Cotonou

  • Purpose
  • Learn Lessons of past
  • Consistency with SDGs

Guiding Principles

  • Equality
  • Revisit the Meaning of Development
  • Cotonou Acquis
  • Political and Policy Dialogue
  • Proactive ACP

Road Map

  • CNG; TNC
  • Technical Studies Where Necessary

Africa Brussels Ambassadors

Paper of 3/2/2018



  • Beyond donor-recipient relationship; Promoting African Unity; continental dimension of AU-EU; Agenda 2063, etc

Operative Part: Two scenarios

  • Do we want a stronger Africa in a reformed ACP post-2020?


  • Do we want a stronger AU-EU Strategic Partnership excluding the ACP?
  • fin                                                                                                                                         Presented by Tetteh Hormeku

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