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The National Coalition on Mining, is the leading advocacy Ghana-based network of activists, community-based organizations (those living in mining communities), artisanal and small scale miners and civil society organizations, and is a national association that works on mining issues. Formed in 2001, NCOM, with its diverse CSOs and CBOs from mining communities and representatives of small-scale miners has helped mining affected communities to have a presence and voice on the national stage.  TWN-Africa is the secretariat.

Ada Songor Lagoon under threat and requires a dimensional conversation around the salt industry in Ghana. Dr Graham

The Ada Songor lagoon is under serious threat following activities of some businessmen who are wreaking havoc on the salt winning site.The level of devastation at the site could have dire consequences on the environment. The havoc                                                                                                                                          From afar,...

Women small scale salt miners, Ketu South

Ketu South Women in Small-Scale Salt Production

Women’s small-scale salt miners on the Keta lagoon threatened by large-scale salt mining companies. TWN, with National Coalition on Mining (NCOM) partners, undertook a fact-finding mission to the area to find out more about the situation and the communities...