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Coffee Bean being harvested

Coffee Beans being harvested

ATN is a coalition of civil society organizations, trade unions, researchers, and activists drawn from across Africa working on trade issues. Founded in 1998, ATN has worked on World Trade Organisation-related issues, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and other trade and finance-related issues. It seeks to present a coordinated and continent-wide voice that articulates the views of the marginalized and offers alternate policy options relevant for Africa’s development. Notable events at which ATN made its mark included the Seattle, Hong Kong and Cancun WTO conferences where it successfully spearheaded African civil society efforts at preventing the imposition of inimical trade policies on developing countries by developed countries. ATN does its advocacy work at the national, regional, continental and international levels through lobby, capacity building, and campaigns among others. The coalition is currently made up of 50-member organizations from 30 countries in East, West, Central and Southern Africa. TWN-Africa is the secretariat of the Africa Trade Network.

Financialisation and bond markets

Why bond markets? Issue not whether bond markets are good or not, but whether they can emerge and grow and if so how and with what implications. If a market for long term bonds exists, along with a liquid...

Africa in International Bond Market

Fanwell Kenala Bokosi, PhD                                                                                           Executive Director ,AFRODAD Download full presentation here

Pathways of Financialization in Africa

Objectives Premises Structural adjustment laid the foundation for informalization and criminalisation at all scales Many assets now vertically linked to offshore spaces and opportunities for corruption global processes of Financialization are linked to national and local processes of accumulation...

Financialisation – 8 FAQs

9 FAQs FAQ1: What is financialisation? FAQ2: Who is the speculator? FAQ3: Which complex financial products matter? FAQ4: Financialisation and the real economy? FAQ5: Financialisation and developing countries ? FAQ6: Financialisation of international development: the Maximising Finance for Development...