• Gender Equality in Africa

    Gender Equality in Africa

    TWN-Africa work for Gender equality and equity in Africa through research and advocacy on economic policy

  • Minerals and Africa’s transformation

    Minerals and Africa’s transformation

    The dominance of Africa’s mineral and hydrocarbon sectors by the profit logic of foreign capital is a defining factor in the socio-economic underdevelopment of many African countries and the multiple inequalities in their societies. TWN-Africa works for 1) the democratic and accountable public stewardship of Africa’s mineral resources; the transformative and equitable utilization of these non-renewal resources, with environmental sensitivity and respect for the rights of mining workers and communities.

  • African Agenda

    African Agenda

    By publishing African Agenda, Third World Network Africa aims to provide a different, more complex and nuanced perspective. Open your eyes and ears to an African perspective on critical issues such as trade, the environment, gender and sustainable development.



    One of the stalwarts of the Africa Trade Network (ATN), Dot Keet has passed on. Tributes from colleagues across the world