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Third World Network-Africa (TWN-Africa)

TWN-Africa is a pan-African research and advocacy organization which works for economic and social equity within Africa and for an equitable place for Africa in the global order. Founded in 1994, TWN-Africa focuses on strategic development issues facing Africa in the age of globalization, especially from the perspectives of the vulnerable and marginalized. It also facilitates the organization and expression of African civil society at the supranational (regional, continental and global) levels on these issues.

TWN-Africa’s programme of work for equitable policies and improvements in economic governance has been focused around the issues of:

1) Trade and Investment (especially the international trade and investment regime) and Finance 2) Regional Economic Integration

3) Gender and Economic policy

4) Mining and Development

5) Climate Change.

In all these thematic areas, TWN-Africa’s work takes account of the lessons from and the implications of the global financial and economic crisis for Africa, especially the imperative of diversification and structural transformation and moving away from commodity dependence.

TWN-Africa uses various instruments like lobby, capacity building, research and generation of knowledge, communication, networking, constituency building and public mobilization in its work. To efficiently carry out its mandate across the continent, TWN-Africa does not only work with partner organizations in Africa but is also the secretariat of two Pan-African networks: the Africa Trade Network (ATN) and the African Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society (AIMES). At the national level, TWN-Africa hosts the National Coalition on Mining (NCOM) and the Economic Justice Network (EJN).

Address: Third World Network-Africa, Box AN 19452, Accra, Ghana. Tel: 233 0302 500419/503669/511189 Fax: 233 0302 511188 Email: twnafrica@twnafrica.org

Africa Trade Network (ATN)

ATN is a coalition of civil society organizations, trade unions, researchers, and activists drawn from across Africa working on trade issues. Founded in 1998, ATN has worked on World Trade Organisation-related issues, the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and other trade and finance-related issues. It seeks to present a coordinated and continent-wide voice that articulates the views of the marginalized and offers alternate policy options relevant for Africa’s development. Notable events at which ATN made its mark included the Seattle, Hong Kong and Cancun WTO conferences where it successfully spearheaded African civil society efforts at preventing the imposition of inimical trade policies on developing countries by developed countries.  ATN does its advocacy work at the national, regional, continental and international levels through lobby, capacity building, and campaigns among others. The coalition is currently made up of 50 member organizations from 30 countries in East, West, Central and Southern Africa. TWN-Africa is the secretariat of the Africa Trade Network.

Address: c/o Box AN 19452, Accra, Ghana. Tel: 233 0302 511189/503669/500419

Fax: 233 0302511188 Email: politicaleconomy@twnafrica.org

African Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society (AIMES)

Established in 1999, AIMES is a Pan-African grouping of civil society organizations from 13 mineral-endowed African countries. Key among AIMES’ objectives is providing a common front for advocates working towards improving the governance of Africa’s mineral economy, ensuring a more equitable and sustainable exploitation and contribution of the mineral sector to Africa’s development. Thus AIMES has been at the forefront of various African civil society initiatives aimed at optimising the minimal returns that mineral-endowed African countries make from their rich mineral resources. This has involved offering alternate policies through calls for changes in mining codes across the continent, working with institutions such as the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) to fashion out a new continental mining framework, the African Mining Vision that demands a mining regime aimed at putting mining at the centre of Africa’s industrial development. AIMES holds annual strategic meetings that are also used for capacity building and solidarity purposes and are hosted by members in turn. Third World Network-Africa hosts the secretariat of AIMES.

Address: AIMES c/o Third World Network-Africa, Box AN 19452, Accra, Ghana. Tel: 233 0302 500419/503669/511189 Fax: 233 0302 511188 Email: environment@twnafrica.org


The National Coalition on Mining, a Ghana-based network of activists, community-based organizations (those living in mining communities), artisanal and small scale miners and civil society organizations, is a national association that works on mining issues. Formed in 2001, NCOM, with its diverse CSOs and CBOs from mining communities and representatives of small scale miners has helped mining affected communities to have a presence and voice on the national stage. It has been involved in such efforts/campaigns as stopping the Government of Ghana from granting licences for mining in forest reserves and the review of Ghana’s mining contracts and the mining regime. It thus offers communities affected by mining, artisanal and small scale miners a platform and facilitates their participation in national policy on mining issues.   

It currently has a membership of 100 drawn from across the various mining areas of Ghana as well as civil society groups in Ghana who do research and advocacy on mining. Third World Network-Africa is the secretariat of NCOM.

Address: c/o Box AN 19452, Accra, Ghana. Tel: 233 0302 500419/503669/511189 Fax: 233 0302 511188 Email: environment@twnafrica.org

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